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I’m excited to welcome you to my official secondary marketplace of buyers and sellers.     

Sellers receive more sales proceeds and higher prices here than consigning my paintings through an art gallery.  And because my collectors are actively buying everything posted for sale, your consignment will sell quickly.

Each sale includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me to guarantee its authenticity. This will protect your painting's value far beyond our lifetimes.

Once consigned—your painting will be displayed here for global sale.  AND you can also choose to exhibit your painting for sale in The Gilleon Gallery—in one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Great Falls, MT.  

My new art gallery has become a “must see” destination for Western art collectors traveling from all over the world to visit the C.M. Russell Museum just a few streets away.   

To get started, email me here and we’ll get your painting sold!

With much gratitude,

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“The first time I saw one of his tipis it was just ‘Wow!’. So symbolic and so calm. I can’t explain it. To see somebody take one element like that and make it so important and beautiful. Just that one shape versus a scene. When I walk into my living room and see his paintings— they make me happy!”

- Shelly Bauer, Collector of Tom Gilleon